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Ripl is a free mobile app that helps you stand out from the crowd on social media so that you can better attract and engage customers. Ripl can help unlock online marketing opportunities for your business or organization and build your social media success with 200+ design templates, personalized daily post recommendations, and engagement tracking.

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Narration: So, was scrolling through Twitter an average day on the web. Saw an animated gif quote customised for a company. Then thought, well that's cool. Searched for something simple that would allow me to animate text quickly specifically for social media. Found LICEcap didn't sound evenly remotely pretty :P Have Arrelium, Screenflow, Quicktime, etc... not exactly the time hack we're all looking for. Then I came across Ripl which stated it creates custom animated posts for social media. Yup, that looks like the App I need. Searched YouTube because well, why not... Found a video, thought yea that looks pretty enough. Downloaded it. WINNER :) Posted a quick animated quote on Instagram. Less than a minute to make (literally) A few people liked it, then Ripl sent me a notification saying. Hey your recent post just got some engagement. Well, dagnabit I know, since IG notifications are on. But still that's pretty cool, right? Pros + - Can connect Facebook Pages (multiple) - Can connect Twitter Accounts (multiple) - Can connect IG account (cannot automatically post for you :O but does open IG save text to paste) - Can schedule - Quick analytics (tells you about post engagements in app) - Easy to Use - Can change font, background, add music - Can add both text and images into animation - Option to add logo or hide with pro - Pretty substantial library with pro - Free pro trial - it works Cons - - Monthly subscription (although if they continue to add more options (layouts, animation, music, etc.) overtime I would say that's a fair price for something that really cuts down on production time :) - Literally just started using it so I'll update this if I notice anything con-ish
@andreanaomi777 Thanks for hunting us Andrea! I'm happy to answer any questions, so fire away!
@andreanaomi777 And yes, we add a couple new designs every week, and are constantly updating the app with new features..:)
@paulingalls So glad to see you here :)
Nice - they need a PH discount ;)
@webtech that would be awesome! Tweeted the makers hopefully they chime in soon :)
@andreanaomi777 @webtech We have an insiders program that gives you free PRO. Hit the apply now button here: and say you saw it on Product Hunt and we'll hook you up!
@paulingalls Just applied, but forgot the PH mention. Please consider this comment my addendum ;)

I've received so many compliments on some of the promos I've created with ripl. I was extremely impressed from day 1.


Even non tech individuals with no budget can create beautiful memorable ads that Will catch the attention of their target market easily


Can't really think of any. I'll let you know after I've had a chance to try out pro.