Build your own cat army on the Blockchain

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RiotCats is a new blockchain based game about restless cats in a post-apocalyptic world. Users can collect clawsome 3D cats, breed them, sell them, even upgrade them by taking part in cat fights. It's time to build your own cat army on the blockchain. MEOUCH!

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Polina Chinaski
Polina ChinaskiMaker@petsy_stone
Hi, Product Hunters! People adore animals. So it’s not surprising that when Blockchain technology launched in the marketplace, our favorite creatures found a new home. In fact, they’ve been around since the technology first became popular. But hold on! RiotCats are NOT your average crypto-pet! Introducing RiotCats, a new blockchain game about cats surviving in a post-apocalyptic world. A world where cats have to fight for their life and withstand hard times. RiotCats feline universe is full of rebellious spirit, life or death battles and 3d cat warriors. After all, being a cat isn’t always purring and cuddles, is it? The game takes place post-CATastrophe and the players goal is to save feline population. Users can do this by collecting different cats, breeding them, selling them, upgrading them by taking part in battles. RiotCats is based on the ERC-721 standard. Each cat is one-of-a-kind thanks to the unique genetic algorithm. Weapons, equipment, the cats themselves are ERC 721 tokens and the sole property of the player. They can’t be lost, replicated, destroyed or stolen. Our intention was to create a truly enjoyable game, not just another collectible, that’s why we especially focused on the battle feature and the ability to expand the functionality. Our developers implemented the extensions support to the main smart contract, which enables us to develop the game and add new functionality. In prospect, we will be able to add new types of equipment, expand the game functionality, for instance, add the arena mode or real-time battles. Let the Catpocalypse commence!