Phishing training for your team

Get your team ready for phishing attacks by running phishing drills on them!
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9 Reviews5.0/5
Oh man, we get phished so often at Upflow.... When can we try it? Urgent need for the team
@alexlouisy1 same here - definitely a pain
Let's get you onboard @alexlouisy1, especially during those tough times, you don't want your employees to be at risk.
Great approach on a PEBKAC situation where education is the most important thing to do in order to avoid bigger corporate issues. @benjaminnetter Curious about the roadmap !
@phb support more attacks, have more trainings!
Most errors are human! Riot automates and solves the weak chain link. Go @benjaminnetter !
Nice product. Help to solve top breach cause
@antony_cohen thanks Antony!
That's really cool. It's like a game. Can you also detect real phishing emails with AI? Also now fishing is happening via phone calls. Are you planning to release a version for calls?
@oncejean Yes SMS is coming next! SMS is even worst, because you don't have a spam filter on SMS.