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Ben Tossell — Community Lead, Product Hunt
You can read the announcement here

Would love to hear the story here, and why current solutions were not quite scratching the itch
Amandine Le Pape — Head of Product, Vector Creations
@bentossell @riotchat

Sure, here is more context:

We believe that the fragmentation between communication apps today is nonsense, especially in the collaboration domain where working across multiple teams ends up being a real nightmare of switching between apps. If email managed to solve this, real time messaging should too! All the bots and integrations popping up are just a first step towards breaking the walls, now it's time to also connect communication apps themselves.

Besides we're very attached to the fact users should own their data and have the right to choose who they want to trust with it, and whether they want to be profiled or not.

So we built Riot as an opensource app, using the Matrix open standard, to give back the power to the user: the power to choose the messaging app they want to use, the power to use any integration available in an open ecosystem, to encrypt their conversations, to run their own server and fully own their data, to choose how they want to be notified, to innovate on top of an open standard.

Riot ( is available on the Web, iOS, Android and fdroid. One can use our hosted version or run their own server. Today we provide bridges to IRC, Slack and Gitter and a bunch of others are being developed by both our team and the wider Matrix community. Similarly for the integrations GitHub is up and very soon Jira and Jenkins will follow. A Giphy bot is also around.

Riot will benefit from all the bridges and integrations built for Matrix, as one of the clients of the ecosystem. See for more details.
Evan Kimbrell — Founder, Sprintkick
This is interesting. I know there are at least a couple open source competitors to Slack. Some are competitors, some are outright copycats. I'm definitely not thrilled with Slack's unofficial user cap so maybe open source is the way to go
Amandine Le Pape — Head of Product, Vector Creations
@evankimbrell Give it a try and let us know how it feels!
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