Telling Stories Behind Photography

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Johnny Quach@johnnyquachy · VP Product @ AIrhelp
I think the photos and the product itself is pretty. However, I'm not sure what unique value this brings? Reminds a bit of Stellar but desktop. Feels Medium.com with better photos?
Kenzou Yeh@kenzouyeh · Founder @getgraphr, @rinse_io
@johnnyquachy thanks for your feedback : ) I am Kenzou, founder of Rinse. The reason we start Rinse is because we seen lots of awesome photographers they hardly promote their works on the current mainstream photography community. Also, they host their portfolio website but not easy to be reached. Rinse is like Dribbble for photographers. it's an exclusive community that only people being invited can share their works to be seen. In the other hands, we are trying to connect portfolios of photographers around the world. We carefully select and invite photographers to join with high standard and it brings more inspiration to the viewers. In the near future, photographers can update their resume and showcases on Rinse to allow people to find and hire professionals easier.
Johnny Quach@johnnyquachy · VP Product @ AIrhelp
@kenzouyeh This sounds like 500px (I think they are currently acting as middle men). Maybe you'll execute better not sure. I'm actually pretty surprised you're telling me you know a lot of awesome photographers that don't promote themselves. Pretty much all semi-pro to pro photographers are aggressive self promoters especially since guys like Chase Jarvis and Strobist become house hold names.. Well regardless nice photos on the site, good luck!
Waveney Hudlin@itswaveney · UI/UX, Muno Creative
This is beautiful. I agree kindof seems like medium for photography, but in a good way. Hope you can maintain the great quality of the photographers--just looking through each one of these is mesmerizing and I'd definitely hire from here before other cluttered marketplaces. Been wondering why something like this doesn't exist for the longest while. Awesome work! I'm curious: how did you come up with the name "Rinse"?
Kenzou Yeh@kenzouyeh · Founder @getgraphr, @rinse_io
@itswaveney Thanks for your feedback and I am so glad you like Rinse. The name “Rinse” came from the term “final rinsing” which is the final step after developing the photo in darkroom. Here at Rinse, you do the “final rinsing” of your photos and present them to the others with stories. and It's the story. : )