Free & Open tools to add "Amazon Mayday" to iOS Apps

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For those unfamiliar with Amazon Mayday, it's a button integrated into the Kindle Fire that launches a real-time, one-on-one chat with an assistant. It launched late last year, in time for the holidays. Curious how well it's done.
I wonder how this compares to http://www.producthunt.com/posts... which was at TC Disrupt
pretty compelling tool. the problem with this type of live support is that you need enough "human" bandwith to deal with user requests...specially at pick time (Eg bug, crash, new updates,...)
@OurielOhayon - so true. Ringo could offer paid customer support services and if tracked correctly, they could defend the additional cost with measured ROI.
@_jacksmith we built this as an open source project, not a business like ShowKit. Our company is all about pushing the envelope in support tech (ex: http://signup.radialpoint.com/re...) - btw, say hi to Kevin for me! We found out about ShowKit after launching Ringo, it seems like an awesome startup and I'm glad to see people invested in bringing this experience to apps that need it. However, as @OurielOhayon points out, not everybody can scale this the way Amazon does. They're really serious about answering the video call in under 15 seconds! @rrhoover - we'd love to see a business be built on some of the code and concepts that we open sourced with Ringo. Would be cool to see someone to offer "app support as a service" delivered through an interface like Ringo and backed by skilled customer service agents.