A phone number for every occasion. Virtual SIM cards over IP

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This one has been in the making for quite time, Burner forwards the call to your SIM card, RingMeMaybe works entirely over IP and uses Push Notifications to send you the Calls and Texts, so that the App work independently from the mobile carrier and anywhere in the world. I hope you will like it!
@alex_botteri I like this approach. But is there non-Facebook authentication?
We have built an email registration feature but have decided to restrict to FB login for now, to discourage any non-legit use of the app. We don't use/share any user data though. @ryanmac @alex_botteri
@alex_botteri the start button to get started is not trappable on an iPhone 4s...
@cpuricelli @alex_botteri the issue is fixed if you want to try again Christian :)
BTW we are looking for seed investment, so feel free to reach out! alex@ringmemaybe.com :)
Nice - been looking for this for a while
Crashed quite a bit while installing. Been looking for something like this for international numbers - that to me would really be a killer.
working on bug fixing, new version coming soon! we will keep you posted for international numbers as well :) @lopezsalaberry
@lopezsalaberry crashes should be fixed on the last update v2.0.2!
how much does it cost? couldn't find pricing.
We are still trying to figure out the best model. For now, there is a credits system. You can earn credits for free with an offer wall (ads) or pay in app with your iTunes accounts. its about $1 or less (10 credits) per number per week, inbound communications are free (texts and calls), and outbound communications are between 1 and 5 credits. @_jacksmith