Ringly Aries

A smart bracelet paired with your phone

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COO @ Product Hunt
I've enjoyed my Ringly. For me, it is better than the Apple Watch because it is simple, fashionable, and has discrete notifications. There are two things that the Aries solves [for me] - fitness tracking and it gives me a piece of jewelry that is not a ring. The Aries integrates fitness (step) tracking - which was the primary gap between the Ringly and my Apple Watch. So this is a huge plus. The other thing the Aries does is create more options (in terms of what jewelry I wear). I love my Ringly, but I like to wear other rings, too. Whereas with a bracelet it is easier to wear the same one everyday b/c you can wear multiple bracelets at once. Oh and PS - Ringly / Aries integrates with 100s of apps, so the platform they've built is on point. Well done @jetpea and team!
@corleyh Thanks! We're so glad you like it. Keep the feedback coming :D
Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
We've seen a lot of wearables competing with fitness-focused products like Jawbone and the tech behemoth, Apple, but Ringly is super unique, taking a fashion-forward approach. They launched the ring about a year ago (@corleyh has one!). Here's their launch video:
Obviously, this bracelet isn't made for me so I'm curious to hear some women's thoughts on it.
Alex NguyenAlex Nguyen
@rrhoover @corleyh Great video, well done!
Shaun Rahimi
Founder, Cūr
The originally Ringly I purchased is one of the most beautifully designed products I've ever received. Attention to quality and care from the designers is undeniable and their respect for product design is why I'll be buying Aries. Looking forward to being blown away by the Aries design. Just don't know who I will give it to yet (girlfriend vs mom, but looks like mom may win this one this time!)
Charlie O'DonnellPartner, Brooklyn Bridge Ventures
@shaun_rahimi Umm, both!
Erik Torenberg
Former Product Hunt
Congrats @Jetpea! When will there be one for men??
@eriktorenberg thanks! We'll add it to the product roadmap ;)
Love, love, love my Ringly and have already bought my Aries; love the idea of still being able to get my notifications but have my fashion versatile. I have a number if bigger cocktail rings handed down to me from my mum, or gifted to me from relatives (big jewelry is big in Indian families) so it's nice to feel like I can still wear those AND get my notifications via the Aries. Also fun to mix up the stones. I got the lapis for my ring and now getting the quartz for the bracelet.
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