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Made a little something over the weekend, inspired in part by Watchville's nifty model. It's a way to keep up with the latest stories on tons of the best wedding blogs, all from one site. My other half would have loved this back in the day. Hopefully it's useful (and fun) to all those engaged folks out in Internetland.
Due to get married next year, this couldn't have came at a better time for my partner & I. Only moments after passing on the link to my wife to be, she found some amazing ideas. Excellent little idea and hopefully it'll be useful for others in the same boat.
@notrab Wow, that is great to hear! Thank you, and congrats. :-)
Just curious, are all the blogs going to be mobile-friendly?
@zetong_li it's really up to the blogs and how they handle mobile. TBH I haven't extensively checked all of them (yet) :)