Ring To

Stay connected to, and own, the phone number you love

Another cool and innovative product from the team at Bandwidth.com. They also run @RepublicWireless too.
Thanks for checking out RingTo - Phone numbers are an important piece of everyone's and identity it can be incredibly frustrating to lose your phone number because it is tied to an old land line you don't need anymore (or maybe you forgot to pay that bill on your cell phone). Our vision is to make it incredibly simple to keep the number you love. Move your number to the cloud. Use it on nearly any device.
@bradroldan Will you guys include Google Voice like features where I can use iMessage or the phone stock messaging app?
@blendahtom Thanks for the question. We've not considered making RingTo accessible from the native messaging apps. However, we do allow 3rd party apps to connect into RingTo. Groove IP is an example. Our service is driven by user input. The more we hear what users want, we'll evaluate the feasibility of implementing it.
@bradroldan just makes sense to use the native apps.. I love how Google voice does that on my Iphone and I moved my wife over to Ringto when she changed carriers and was expecting a similar experience.
Any plans on launching it in Canada ? Looks like convoi ? Can you also dial out using your regular phone ?