Rimowa Electronic Luggage Tag

Check your bag within seconds of arriving at the airport

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Live the product and concept. I think the business model is the most challenging part of this. Seems like this would grow faster and broader if it was a licensing play. Delsey, Samsonite, SwissGear, etc... The other approach is a "retrofit module" of some kind for existing luggage, but this feels like an industrial design nightmare for someone. Seems like a great idea. I'd pay 15% more for luggage with this tech. Great hunt.
Saw this at CES and it looks great in person. Uses an e-ink screen too!
Checking in on your phone before you arrive at the airport is definitely easier than standing in a long line or visiting a kiosk. But if you need to check a bag, there's no getting around that process. This lets you get your checked bag tag displayed on your luggage without any hassle. Looks like Lufthansa is their only partner so far
Nice one. Does it tell you how close you are to your suitcase. Everyone hates standing and staring at the luggage carousel. Will love to see how this goes as a business.
@leanux_bala Do not think so. Think you need Bluesmart for that
@kristofertm thx for mentioning. Guess there will always be more things to buy to solve multiple problems.
Love this! I have so many ideas on making air travel more seamless and I'm happy to see things like this sprout up. Anyone know what's the security like on these e-tags and who is responsible for them?