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RigShare is a new social platform where musicians share the gear they love. Search for gear and add it to your “rig”. When gear is added to your rig, other musicians see your gear on your profile. We also allow musicians to like products, write short reviews, share products with their followers, and ask questions to the RigShare community.

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This is pretty cool Thiery! I recall seeing something a bit like this before, how is it different from your competitors? Can you embed the list somewhere? I think this cool be a nice addition on artists sites.
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@guillaumebardet thanks for checking RigShare out! We think our idea is actually pretty unique so far and we plan on expanding our feature set to take our idea ever further. We started RigShare because we saw a need to create a new type of online community for gear fanatics. We've learned from our users early on that they don't enjoy groups on Facebook because it is too cluttered and noisy. Musicians also gather online is in music gear forums. However, these sites often have a very outdated user interface and it tends to be hard to keep up with conversations and find the information you are looking for. We believe that a lot of these forums will soon become relics in the new age of tech. So we want to take the opportunity to provide musicians with a streamlined approach to sharing their gear and asking the music community questions about gear they are using. There are others site that are strictly databases that offer a lot of information about different guitar effects. We are focused on expanding our data beyond just guitar effects. Today you can find gear on RigShare from just about any category in the music gear industry and we are actively accepting suggestions to what should be in our database. We've also seen sites that lists artists and the gear that they use based on photos and videos that the artist may post on their website or other social media sites. We aren't focused on just building our data this way. We are focused on building a social platform that connects musicians, music gear brands, and artists that are supported by the brands that back RigShare. We have actual users on our platform that are building rigs, staring conversations, and sharing content with their followers. RigShare stands on organic content creation and we want artists to join RigShare as themselves and share their music gear in the same fashion. As our userbase continues to grow we plan on releasing new features that allow sharing rigs and gear via sharing tools!
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That sounds interesting @thierylaverdure1! There is definitely a lot that could be done besides simply showing the gear someones uses. I wish you the best with RigShare!
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