Real-time reporting tool that connects rig move teams

We all know the saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words!", RigMove pictures are worth thousands of dollars! Literally. We are on the path to revolutionize accountability and reporting in the oil industry, specifically, moving rigs.
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Moving rigs is an industry worth over $1 billion and currently, there are 900+ rigs operating in the US with over a million dollars in rig move costs per month. An average rig move costs roughly $150k. Here is a quick break down. 4.5 - 6 days to move rig Trucking day rate - $35k Drilling Co. day rate -$20k Total each day of rig move - $55k This doesn’t include $300 a day hotels for crew members. Safety discussions, wrong equipment, late equipment, rental equipment, pressure washing, proper load assist, PPE compliance, location compliance, old location loadouts,  new location deliveries, recorded NPT that can prove to valuable time lost to assist in rig move renegotiation cost. RigMove records all of the items I just listed and more. At any time during the rig move, you can generate report with all the Daily Notes, Time-Stamped chronological images we call Rig Pics with pertinent description of rig info times. All of this data also assists with After Action Review meetings to look at efficiency and what happened on locations for better decision making. Furthermore, in case a company needs assistance with litigation, RigMove reports provide a great deal of information for the company and their attorneys.  Total rig move costs $150k and you  can now use RigMove app to manage it and save!