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How well does this work with the iPhone 7 Plus? Osmo has some known issues stemming from the interaction between the phone's onboard stabilization and the gimbal's motion smoothing. Have you found a way to avoid that problem?
@mostlymarius Same question here. Was incredibly disappointed when I found out the issues with the Osmo and the fact DJI is straight up denying the problem, can't believe they list the 7 Plus as being compatible.
@mostlymarius Hi Marius, good question. Yes, Rigiet works with iPhone 7 plus and we've tested it extensively.
Hi Product Hunt! Sorry for the late reply - I was traveling and I didn't even know we got hunted! Yes, we are the team behind Dobot, a robotics startup focussing on table-top robotic arms. Last year we've realized that our expertise in robotics can be leveraged in many different industries, with Rigiet as a result. We've applied our expertise in robotics into the Rigiet stabilizer. We've done in-house comparisons and we believe that our motor and stabilizer algorithm is more advanced than any other stabilizer on the market. However you shouldn't take my word for it - as I'm obviously biased. :-) For example, our Rigiet can automatically detect and adjust the position you want to film in. And we're the only stabilizer on the market that can continue to film in unslung position - which is handy for skaters, cyclist and people who love sports in general. Thank you all for the love!
@liu_peichao this looks awesome. count me in when this thing hits the open market! unfortunately i had lots of bad luck with kickstarter campaigns in the past. best of luck for now!
Hey @liu_peichao, backer #789 here. Will Rigiet have the ability to allow my smartphone to take a 360° photo?
Looks good guys! I feel 99$ would be the magic price for a good IPhone gimbal.
@eonpilot Thanks Eon for your feedback. We'll need to have more orders so we can scale down the cost during mass production. Currently a $99 for us is not feasible, as we'll be selling it for a loss. However, it all depends on volume.
Smartphone stabilizer where you can seamlessly switch filming positions, charge your smartphone and stabilizer simultaneously, supports Tripod (without added accessories) and got an easy-to-use Control Panel. For the software features, they've got an auto-track function, 3 different panorama modes, slowmotion, timelapse, livestreaming and sharing options.
@kwdinc Thank you Kevin for getting us Hunted! You're the best!
Looks great - congrats to the team. I have to admit, I have reservations about anything on Kickstarter these days. Can you speak to that @liu_peichao? The mass manufacture timeframe seems pretty quick!
@davedri Hi David, since our HQ is in Shenzhen - near our factory we believe this is highly feasible. Before this we had a failed Kickstarter (google LitleCane) and we've already did several trial production runs (for the media units).
@liu_peichao Hi. Looks good but how come your Kickstarter page indicates that you are in San Francisco if you HQ is actually in China? (Having had some back experiences too I become maybe over-suspicious).