The most advanced stabilizer for your phone & GoPro


Marius Masalar
@mostlymarius · Tech Writer, Photographer
How well does this work with the iPhone 7 Plus? Osmo has some known issues stemming from the interaction between the phone's onboard stabilization and the gimbal's motion smoothing. Have you found a way to avoid that problem?
Jerry Liu
@liu_peichao · CEO of Rigiet and DEBOT
Hi Product Hunt! Sorry for the late reply - I was traveling and I didn't even know we got hunted! Yes, we are the team behind Dobot, a robotics startup focussing on table-top robotic arms. Last year we've realized that our expertise in robotics can be leveraged in many different industries, with Rigiet as a result. We've applied our expertise in robotic… See more
@eonpilot · iOS dev @ github.com/eonist
Looks good guys! I feel 99$ would be the magic price for a good IPhone gimbal.
Kevin William David
@kwdinc · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Smartphone stabilizer where you can seamlessly switch filming positions, charge your smartphone and stabilizer simultaneously, supports Tripod (without added accessories) and got an easy-to-use Control Panel. For the software features, they've got an auto-track function, 3 different panorama modes, slowmotion, timelapse, livestreaming and sharing options.
David Ryan
@davedri · Founded Corilla. Red Hat & NUMA alumnus.
Looks great - congrats to the team. I have to admit, I have reservations about anything on Kickstarter these days. Can you speak to that @liu_peichao? The mass manufacture timeframe seems pretty quick!