Listen to audiobooks at ridiculously fast speeds

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I'd like to hear more about the outcome of the trainer. How do you know it works? Have any test studies been completed?
@sethlouey I haven't done any studies (so far) nor am I making any explicit claims. What I can say is that my ability to speed-listen has certainly improved, and so I thought the app would be worth sharing. So far, others have found the "Automatic Speed Ramping" ability really effective as well.
Rightspeed is a speed-listening app that let's you train your brain to listen to podcasts and audiobooks at up to 10x playback speed. The brain training is enabled by "Automatic Speed Ramping" (ASR). When ASR is turned on, the playback speed of your audio is seamlessly/automatically incremented over time (at 0.1x per two minutes), pushing the limits of your listening and comprehension abilities. Let me know if you have any questions! You can read the full story about the app here: https://medium.com/@maxdeutsch/i...
I'd love to be able to listen (and take in the info) on higher speeds than my current one - I think my issue is that I am never just focusing on one thing. So I get distracted and miss even more if its speedy listening ha You can read the story behind this app here @maxdeutsch tell us more :)
With the growing popularity of audiobooks, this seems like a timely app. Was featured on TechCrunch last night. http://techcrunch.com/2016/04/26...
I love listening to audiobooks and podcasts and almost always listen to them at 1.5x-2.5x speed but never more. I find it very difficult to digest the content when it is played at >2.5x speed - have you done anything to make the content more digestible when played at these high speeds?
@jgcatalano Rightspeed comes with an "automatic speed ramping" (ASR) feature, which will slowly increase the playback speed of your audiobook over time. I recommend that you start at a comfortable listening speed and then turn ASR on. You won't even notice that the speed is getting faster, and your brain will get used to the faster speeds. I bet you will surprise yourself!
@jgcatalano my thoughts exactly. fastest I can go is 2.5x and I can't understand a thing. the ASR sounds interesting but can't imagine 10x, that doesn't sound realistic.