RightFont 4

Brand new font manger for macOS

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Sparking font manager to preview, sync, install and organize fonts, with flawless integration into any design software including Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch. RightFont helps finding the right font for your next design project.

  • Chris Jahn
    Chris JahnScreendesigner & Developer

    Good Font-Manager


    Pricing and WTF Update-Model

    Rightfont 3 costs $49, i bought it at a sale for $39,95 last year. Today i got Rightfont 4 by an auto-update and now it asks for another $25 ($20 current rebate) to re-activate it. This sounds like a rip-off. Especially when you see the changelog for this "major" release: https://rightfontapp.com/update/rightfont-4-ai-font-auto-activation-performance-improvement-font-glyphs.html

    illustrator? seriously?

    Chris Jahn has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Best Font Manager till date


    Pricing Model

    I can just confirm what the others are saying. It is a super elegant and fast font manager for mac but they need to other think their price model. For what reason I need to pay again 20$ for an upgrade when I purchased the app 2 years ago for 40$. Okay you could argue that version 3 still is working but common the "major" 4.0 release has no major features. I would call them small tweaks.

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Walo Fenton
Walo Fenton@walofenton · Founder, MIA
version 4 is really buggy. I see absolutely no difference between version 3 and four. This was not a 4.0 upgrade but a 3.whatever update. Version 4 doesnt work in sketch, doesnt work in photoshop.