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I am really liking this so far, but a little hesitant​ about the price! Do you guys have a discount code that Product Hunters could use?
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@dilyaraskar same request here! Anyway, it looks awesome ✌️
@pieroborgo @dilyaraskar @arunpattnaik Upvote my request so they see it and helps us out lmao. #Hope
@netspencer @dilyaraskar Yea, I feel like that could be due to integrity and copy right protection or something...The price isnt too bad but i would like to at least give it a shot my self and around my own needs before i commit that much. ESPECIALLY since im Canadian and our currency is poop right now...
RightFont is a brand new font manager app for Mac OS X, helping designers to preview, sync, install and manage fonts on your Mac or Dropbox/Google Drive. RightFont also added font organization functionality for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, etc, and provides auto font activation feature for Adobe Photoshop & Sketch documents.
It looks nice, but what makes it "next-gen"?
@cenk I dunno, I just made it up lol. their website says "The future of font managers", so I just used next-gen as interchangeable.
The main annoyance I have with loading any font is when I'm already launched inside of my programs and I decide to install a new font. Does RightFont "Push" this new installed font to let's say Photoshop without having to close out the entire app or any program for that matter?
@iamrandyellis Hi Randy, we did a test on this case, when you activate a font in RightFont, the font can be used immediatly in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Sketch. We haven't test it with "all" programs but it should perform as the same.
@iamrandyellis What version of AI and PS are you using?
RightFont 2 is a new and improved font manager for Mac. You can even use popular icon fonts such as Ionicons, FontAwesome and Google Material Design icons directly in your Photoshop or Sketch documents.