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Luke Harris-GallahueMaker@millennialluke · Growth Marketer, Hurdlr
Hey Product Hunt Fam! I am launching my book, Right Now, on May 1st and wanted to give this community the opportunity to get an early edition copy. The book is an action oriented guide to living a higher quality of life including our relationships, happiness level, and productivity. Every chapter has clear action steps that the reader can perform to create positive change in their life immediately while also providing habits that will create positive change over a longer period of time. I would love to send you a free copy. Just drop your info in the link above (LukeHarris.me) so I know where to send it. Cheers! :)
Fred Rivett@fredrivett · Co-founder @ The Dot
@millennialluke Hey Luke. Congratulations on the launch! I know writing a book is no easy endeavour. My question is, having not heard of you before, why should I want to learn from you? Your homepage doesn't tell me anything useful on this. Unqualified sentences like "I HELP PEOPLE MAXIMIZE THEIR POTENTIAL" are a good way to turn me off. Ultimately I'm wary of life coaches who's main skill is life coaching and have never actually achieved anything themselves, so would love to hear what inspired you to write this book and why you think people should pay attention. Hope launch day goes well. Cheers!
Luke Harris-GallahueMaker@millennialluke · Growth Marketer, Hurdlr
@fredrivett Hey Fred, great question. Personally I helped launch Hurdlr (Hurdlr.com) on the App Stores and helped them grow to tens of thousands of users and millions of dollars managed every month within a year of launching. (Also on PH, look up "Hurdlr" and "99Deductions") What prompted me to write this book was that my performance at work started suffering because my focus was on the wrong things. I started implementing certain routines and practices such as Breathing, meditation, Gratitude practice, and they worked - helping my performance at work while also raising my baseline happiness levels (unmeasured but I felt happier). I documented what worked and wrote a book about it with the premise being that we can raise our performance at work, be happier, and raise the quality of our relationships by living with more presence. We don't need more thing to be better it just requires more focus. And the book walks one through how to do that.
Fred Rivett@fredrivett · Co-founder @ The Dot
@millennialluke Fair play Luke. Appreciate your response. All the best with the book 👍
Luke Harris-GallahueMaker@millennialluke · Growth Marketer, Hurdlr
@fredrivett Thanks man, appreciate you asking the questions :)