Comedians narrate blockbuster movies & turn into comedy hits

Classic MST3K - Mystery Science Theater 3000 comedians @michaeljnelson @kwmurphy @BillCorbett tell jokes to movies

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Erik Peterson
Erik PetersonMaker@rifftrax_erik · Lead web developer at RiffTrax
Our app contains jokes for more than 100 of your favorite—and not-so-favorite—Hollywood movies, written and performed by the stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000: Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy (Tom Servo), and Bill Corbett (Crow T. Robot). The guys had so much fun on MST3K making fun of movies, that when the TV show went off the air, they reformed in 2006 as RiffTrax to keep the spirit of movie riffing alive. And now, for the past 11 years we've provided funny commentary for some of the biggest movies, like Twilight, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and the Marvel franchises, which you would play alongside your copy of the movie. Now, thanks to the RiffTrax App, syncing the jokes and the movie together by hand is a thing of the past! Download one of our "riffs", and hit the Sync button! Your device listens to the movie, and then syncs up our jokes with it automatically. SCIENCE!!! We hope you enjoy it. Thank you, won't you? UPDATE: For a limited time, the following titles are Free on the app: - Iron Man - Twilight: New Moon - Star Trek V: The Final Frontier - Raiders of the Lost Ark