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Inspired book suggestions from real experts, not algorithms.

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Yes! Thanks again @johnbiggs for hunting our app! -- Get a Book recommendation from a book editor/expert - for yourself, or as a last-minute gift! 🎁 To use: 1. Open the chat & answer 3 questions about your reading preferences 2. You will be connected to a book recommendation expert/editor via a chat/text interface You can live chat, or respond via text when you have time. Easy peasy!
Riffle has been doing amazing stuff with books for a while now and it looks like they've finally cracked the book recommendation issue. Looking forward to our book recommendation overlords.
Thank you @johnbiggs for hunting us and the kind words. We hope to suggest superb reading selections for all of you for over the holidays! :) As an introduction: Riffle is a vibrant online community of book experts whose mission is to inspire you to read more books. Our data shows that having conversations about books actually makes you read more and helps you find better books. Knowing that, Riffle’s chatbot will greet you, ask some questions about your reading habits, then connect you directly to an expert in our community of librarians, genre bloggers and avid readers, people who know and love books. They’ll chat with you and suggest some superlative reads. Our beta is web based but we’ll be moving to native mobile chat soon. :)
@elspectre @johnbiggs will be great to post this when there isn't a waitlist :)
@bentossell @johnbiggs Hi Ben, we're approving all the invites from the product hunt link immediately. :)
@elspectre @johnbiggs Ah ok... that wasnt clear on the landing page
@bentossell We're putting some text in the PH header to make that clear. Thank you for pointing that out.
We've had a ton of chat requests come through and get engaged by our book experts. If anyone has questions, comments, criticisms then we're here to chat.
Seamless solve for the discovery and recommendation problem at scale - real book recommenders plus a smart chatbot, love it.