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I've been using Riffle for a few weeks now but they officially launched yesterday. Very useful tool to get relevant insight about Twitter users. Kind of Rapportive for Twitter.
Hey guys! Thanks for the support. I'm one of the founders & creators of Riffle. Please let me know if you have any questions / suggestions. We'd love to hear from you! @dholowack on Twitter
Hey @dHolowack! This reminds me a little of Vibe, a chrome extension that surfaces Rapportive-like data in the browser based on the email address you hover over. Currently, you only support Twitter usernames (if I understand correctly). Do you have plans to support email addresses?
Thanks @rrhoover - Vibe looks nice. Definitely some good ideas there. We specialize in social insights so no plans to build a version of Riffle for email lookups yet. I also love Rapportive for Gmail and use it every day. It serves my needs for email lookups, but since we just launched Riffle I'm learning more and more about what's important to our users. We'll continue to actively develop Riffle and add new features.
Good one @dholowack. Good that we (Vibe and Riffle) are not competing also (just kidding). All the very best :)