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Here are my TechCrunch post of thoughts on Riff http://t.co/ndC75vyit6 Overall, it seems novel, but many like JumpCam have failed at collaborative UGC video. It's tough to make crowdsourced, individually curated video content that's consistently worth watching, and many are still afraid of getting in front of a camera for a permanently recorded video.
@joshconstine Agreed Josh. I think we may have cracked that nut and are up on PH today. https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
I assumed this was a joke at first because who launches a real product on April Fools? Apparently Facebook does. 😃 @joshm - what happened with Rooms? Is that still being worked on and if not, why do you think it didn't take off? EDIT: or are we getting trolled? If so, 👏 EDIT #2: ok, so I've not been fooled and my pride remains intact. Thanks, @sameitzen.
@rrhoover Live example? https://www.321riff.com/composit...- UPDATE - The second part of the video was shot about 10 minutes after the first one, but the link is to 1 video which was added to automatically. Have only collaborated with myself so far :) Haven't found a way to invite others to add to my video yet...
@joshm @sameitzen @rrhoover Not available in the US Store currently.
@joshdance So strange. It was listed under apps FB has developed 20 minutes ago on the appstore and I'm in Seattle. I downloaded it and have have already used it.
@joshdance @sameitzen I also don't see it in the US app store. :-/
Immediately fun and lighthearted, and the collaborative aspect is well-done. Loving the trend in new mobile apps that allow for easy creation of small communities around specific types of content (streaming and collaborative video being the hot ones at the moment). Nice job @joshm & team!
Random observation: Feels a bit odd that Facebook is using iPhone 5 as frames in the App Store screenshots.
Facebook tries again to innovate in mobile, misses the trend of the day yet again.
@dankaplan I disagree, I actually think this is a really creative idea and could catch on. Facebook is smart to stay away from live-stream for now, they'd be mocked for even trying to jump in on the Periscope / Meerkat duel.
@sameitzen Definitely would have been too late to the Periscope / Meerkat fray. But why collaborative video production? What deep-seated need does that meet that other social mobile apps don't address satisfactorily? I admire Facebook for charging once more into the breach. Better to try and fail then not try at all. I'm just not sold on the concept that the next big thing in social/mobile can come from Facebook. But as always, I believe in the company in general, and love being wrong about these things.
@dankaplan I'd lean your way concerning Facebook introducing the next big thing in mobile... but I'm fairly involved with a video company and an event industry company and could totally see something like this being used by guests at a wedding, or a group of teens at a party as some initial examples... Doesn't necessarily solve a deep-seated need, but neither do many other popular apps. People love to collaborate and co-create, so maybe it will hit a nerve with certain groups.
@sameitzen @dankaplan I think the need is that most social video is silo'ed in "documenting life" and "showing your best side". There's nowhere for video that responds to contexts outside of a users life. The result is everyone broadcasting to each other.