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I'm a co-founder/UX designer and tinkerer behind Rif. The idea for Rif came about when I was browsing tumblr reaction GIF blogs and wishing there was a more interconnected way to share and post within a community of avid GIF users. Rif is a mobile application allowing users to browse reaction gifs and/or showcase their creativity and humor by posting their own reaction GIF status. We set out to build a community for people who identify with the emotions and experiences reaction GIFs evoke. We figured what better way to react to a comment, question, situation, etc. than using a visual from a famous movie or TV show. Our users create Rifs by posting a caption or status similar to that of Twitter; however, they must attach a GIF acting as the punch line. After that, it's up to the community to decide if you'll reach glory on the main newsfeed. I like to think of it as the reaction GIF version of the New Yorker's caption contest but you have to find the image AND make the punchline. Excited to get feedback on version 1.0 of Rif from the Product Hunt community! tl;dr: Founder of Rif, indebted ex-student and avid GIF user. AMA
UX is smooooooooooth. I'm thinking this is a keeper. nice work @triestdesign
@derekminter Thanks Derek! Of course theres a lot more I'd like to do both visually and in the realm of UX but I'm pretty happy with version 1.0.
@triestdesign @derekminter Not entirely sure I agree with the UX being "smooth". The palette, whilst nice, seems to contrast a little too much. I also wouldn't associate the typeface used with GIFs in general, but something more editorial-esque. On another note, having no preview of the GIFs and text seems like a general put-off. There needs to be something that drives me to use this instead of opening up Alien Blue and browsing /r/reactiongifs or any other countless places on the internet where that's possible. I admire the effort but I don't agree with the statement that the UX is "smooth".
@derekminter @itskathuria Certainly appreciate the feedback. The 'click to expose' vs. 'expose all' was something I played with a lot during production . I eventually decided that I wanted the GIF to act as the punchline to the status to allow users with a certain degree of anticipation.