First distracted and drowsy driving alert

Drowsy and distracted driving kills thousands of people every year. Students, shift workers, parents risk the most. We decided to solve this problem with the technology. Meet Ridy - the first smart driver's alert:

😴 Ridy monitors when you are driving drowsy

💬 It monitors when you are distracted from driving

⚙️ Installs on any car in 60 seconds

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CEO at Signalayer / Onboarding.pro
Distracted driving is real. I can easily see the value of the product... and it going the way of Cruze, i.e. being acquired by a large car manufacturer. This is one of the technologies that should come standard, like ABS or ESP. Perhaps the makers can comment on how they detect it?
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Andrey Gabisov
Oco, co-founder
@romanzadyrako We use real-time analytics. On the first start we request a user to calibrate the device so we can detect user's head normal driving position. Later on we will adjust the algorithm to learn user's head position automatically, so the "calibration" would not be needed, but at this time there is a simple "touch of a button" calibration. Then we can monitor and score certain events, such as eye blinking frequency, duration of eyes closing, relative head rotation, yawning and so on. Depending on event or overall scoring, we produce different alerts. It may be more or less mild reminder like "keep your eyes on the road" if we detect a user not looking ahead for a prolonged period of time, or rather stiff warning with loud and screechy beep: "Danger! Danger! Wake up!" if we detect that a driver closes their eyes. So in a nutshell, we constantly monitor the user's face and take an appropriate action as situation requires: from alerting the user to keep off their smartphone to waking up the driver to recommending to take a rest
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Brian Lee
code monkey @ theymadethat
I wonder what Cruze, waymo, and Uber use for their human chaperones?
Spencer Yang
VP International, Cobo
Great for road trips in the US!