Ridiculous Fishing

A game about fishing with guns, chainsaws & toasters

This is a great game, made by some really cool guys @vlambeer. So many fish to catch and shoot, so little time. ;)
@russfrushtick: I like the new setup, but how do I add the iTunes link now? (Didn't work before when trying to submit, now I can't fix the iPhone/iPad link..) iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/... This game is truly a gem, I've spend countless hours on this one! It's very well executed, deep gameplay, great mechanics, awesome humor and plain and simple a hell lot of fun! ""Every aspect of the game, from the rewarding upgrade system to the unique graphics, displays an intricate craftsmanship we rarely see on the App Store."
@calimonk Hmm yeah, this is a bug. I'm gonna get the tech guys on it!
The intro video and title really caught my attention. :)