A carpooling service by Google's Waze (Israel only)



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Jack DweckHunter@jackdweck · Product Manager at Unroll.Me
Google launches a carpooling pilot program in Tel Aviv, with the intention of rolling it out to other major cities if it works well. This is different from Uber/Lyft in that it's not designed to turn a profit for drivers — it's simply a way to cover costs, like fuel.
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
What other successful startups have started Israel only
Brian Pilnick@escher0 · Stealth
@eriktorenberg Waze itself. It launched and was Israeli only for a while. The team is (was?) in Israel and, helped by high smart phone adoption in the country, had the best maps and traffic information available there.
Mark Lombardi-Nelson@lombardinelson · Florida Smiles
Love that it's meant to be a true sharing service rather than a monetized taxi service. This is an intelligent integration of a platform they've already been leveraging users data with. Brilliant Addition!
Sidney Zhang@sidazhang · Uber
Ridesharing has never really worked in a significant way. Personally, when I lived in the suburbs, the cost of driving isn't that high and having to go and pick someone else up is such a hassle.
Matty Mariansky@mmariansky · Product Designer at Meekan
@sidazhang If I understand, they aim to lower the hassle by making sure the people you pick up are somewhere close to your daily route (leveraging the Waze data they already have)
Tzachi Davidovich@ynextz · Cofounder/CEO @Cardlifeapp
Very cool guys!