A carpooling service by Google's Waze (Israel only)

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Jack Dweck
Jack DweckHunter@jackdweck · Product Manager at Unroll.Me
Google launches a carpooling pilot program in Tel Aviv, with the intention of rolling it out to other major cities if it works well. This is different from Uber/Lyft in that it's not designed to turn a profit for drivers — it's simply a way to cover costs, like fuel.
Erik Torenberg
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
What other successful startups have started Israel only
Brian Pilnick
Brian Pilnick@escher0 · Stealth
@eriktorenberg Waze itself. It launched and was Israeli only for a while. The team is (was?) in Israel and, helped by high smart phone adoption in the country, had the best maps and traffic information available there.
Mark Lombardi-Nelson
Mark Lombardi-Nelson@lombardinelson · Florida Smiles
Love that it's meant to be a true sharing service rather than a monetized taxi service. This is an intelligent integration of a platform they've already been leveraging users data with. Brilliant Addition!
Sidney Zhang
Sidney Zhang@sidazhang · Uber
Ridesharing has never really worked in a significant way. Personally, when I lived in the suburbs, the cost of driving isn't that high and having to go and pick someone else up is such a hassle.
Matty Mariansky
Matty Mariansky@mmariansky · Product Designer at Meekan
@sidazhang If I understand, they aim to lower the hassle by making sure the people you pick up are somewhere close to your daily route (leveraging the Waze data they already have)
Tzachi Davidovich
Tzachi Davidovich@ynextz · Cofounder/CEO @Cardlifeapp
Very cool guys!