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Dont know why uber/lyft are allowing this. If an aggregator aggregates such marketplaces, then that aggregator becomes THE marketplace. Also, will make it difficult for uber/lyft to product differentiate and will force them to compete only on price. brilliant move from Google. Right now for most of us our go to app to book ride is Uber/Lyft. With this move, the go to app may become Google Maps. Will be extremely helpful for google if / when it starts to roll out self-driving cars and competes with Uber/Llyft.
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@shalabh_ great point! would love to have someone from Uber to reply on this.
@shalabh_ Think if one of them did and the other didn't (e.g. Lyft allowed it, but Uber didn't), it would be an insane advantage to the company that allowed the integration. I'm not sure they really had a choice unless they strongly believed the other company wouldn't go in.
@michael7ritchie @shalabh_ yep, that probably what happened. The beauty of competition!
@shalabh_ AFAIK Uber/Lift both have public APIs and they encourage developers to integrate their services into their apps (I've actually used Uber's in one of my projects). Banning just Goolge explicitly would've been a PR nightmare for these guys if it leaked, there is nothing they could've said that that would sound reasonable. On the other hand, that plug is something they can pull any minute, so I assume they did their math and decided at this point in time they benefit from it more than they lose.
@michael7ritchie Good point, I can see how the game theory could be at play here.
So apparently we don't need to have the Uber app installed to use this feature, just need an existing Uber a/c. Basically, book an Uber without exiting Google Maps. Smooth!
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Rides in Google Maps was on my "Bucket List"! Glad it arrived 😉 But for real, looks like an awesome experience and keeping a smooth transition and experience in-house.
I was waiting for this for soo long :D and i'm happy this idea came to life, awesome product guys (y)
A Google Flights, for rides. Awesome! I hope they keep adding competitors to Uber and Lyft in order to help you find the best cost-benefit between apps.