RideOn Ski Goggles

World's first augmented reality ski goggles

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Awesome concept, I just can't take what their mockup/concept video is promising seriously. :(
@callan752 vaporware for sure.
What about Recon's goggles? How is this AR and Recon's not?
@d0b0 Was about to comment this. Recon's first pair was launched in 2010. Experience (in store) was almost identical to the demo here, minus video recording.
I'm confused, does the AR cover your entire vision? Or just the corner 'screen' inside the glasses?
@jesse__muller As you can see in the gif. I would have say that latter.
I might be a traditionalist, but I go snowboarding to get *away* from computers and screens. To be free in the great outdoors. I can see the value in having dashboard metrics like speed, temp, GPS, etc. but not to set up virtual "gates" that I need to snowboard through.