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Hello Product Hunt ! We're super excited to be on PH today. RideBlock is an activity and motion tracker designed for skateboards and longboards to track the tricks performed, analyse the progress and compete with friends in real-time. Our mission is to empower the action sports community using innovation and data to progress together and use analytics to improve performance. The device utilizes a unique sensor combination that allows our motion recognition and pattern matching algorithm to automatically detect tricks. That information is then sent to the mobile app for deeper analysis. The mobile dashboard enables users to analyze the trick with details that include, speed, height, force, total airtime and an overall score. The device is sleek and fits to any skateboard or longboard. It is water and dust resistant as well. Check out @rideblock at http://www.rideblock.com (PRE-ORDER / IGG). Thank you very much and looking forward to answer everyone's questions. And thank you very much @nivo0o0 for hunting us! 🙌
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@jibinjim ooohh congrats!!!
@jxffb Thank you very much.
This is an exact product my friend and I were discussing to build couple years ago, however lacking knowledge and fund, we haven't gone that road. I am quite excited to see you implementing this challenging idea into the life! 🙌
@illya_bakurov Thank you very much! We're super excited to bring RideBlock to life. We've been working on the idea over the last 3 years and we think it's time to bring it to the real test.
@illya_bakurov It has been an exciting journey so far and we are ready to take the product to the next stage! We look forward to RideBlock being a platform that connects skateboarders across the world through their skateboards!
absolutely amazing and soooo needed! best product of 2017 so far!
@londonrom thank you for your support! We are super excited to be building what we strongly believe will be a huge contribution to the skateboarding community!
Cool gadget. As an amateur skateboarder it'd be fun to compete with my friends and also see the profiles and stats of pros. Nice.
@abybeats Thank you very much Aby! Social sharing and competition is one of the core aspects of RideBlock. To start with, we are launching RideBlock with game of S.K.A.T.E challenge.
Which tricks does this track? How does it know if you are doing a kickflip or a heelflip?
@jameswahba Thank you for showing interest in our product! We can currently track 5 tricks (Ollie, Nollie, Kickflip, Heelflip and Manual ) with 95% accuracy and a few others like pop shuvit and frontside 180 with 60% accuracy. We are perfecting the algorithm further and are collecting trick data from skateboarders to do so. You just input if you are a goofy or a regular and the algorithm processes the data accordingly.
@nair this is awesome. thanks! It's going to be interesting to see the results from skaters that have different styles. Not every kickflip flips the same way. ;)
@jameswahba Exactly! We are working with skateboarders in LA and around the world to understand our margin of error due to the style differences, so that we can improve our analysis.