A desktop app that automatically downloads and organizes Uber and Lyft receipts from your Gmail. It also generates an expense report in Excel for all of your trips including the date, taxes, fees, etc.. It’s ideal for business owners, freelancers, and anyone who gets reimbursed for travel. Ride Receipts makes bookkeeping, taxes and audits a breeze.

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Damn useful tool! Thanks 👍
@phisolutions Thank you ! Please let us know with any feedback or if you find any issues.
Thanks for hunting @godhani_meet please tell us more about your project - I can see this being very useful for employees doing expenses 🙂
@abadesi As said in description above. Uber Run is an app to download all invoices using various filters like current year, last year, last 3 months etc. Currently in Uber's dashboard there is no easy way to get all invoices in one click and you will have to do one by one. This app solves that problem and organizes all invoices in neatly manner by month date vs when you download invoice pdf from uber currently it contains random string which is hard to track. Since Uber itself has no official API to get this info. We are using scraping approach using Google Puppeteer and Headless Chrome. So it's simply automation by logging to your account using app and telling browser to download all the invoices from Uber Dashboard for you and store physically on your desktop. It's useful since majority of us might be using Uber. And we also might be expensing it for business. So try it out and let us know any feedback. It's free and code is available as open source.
Great job!! Do the app works on windows 10, iOS ?
@ayush_chandra It is only made for desktop. So it supports macOS, Windows and Linux. Plus checkout softpedia review on Windows platform.