Ride Austin

A non-profit ride sharing service built for Austin by Austin

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This is so exciting. Uber & Lyft left Austin and the alternatives are terrible so what do a bunch of entrepreneurs do? Do they lay down and give up? No! They decide to solve the problem and build their own car service! Deep pockets are funding this and it is a fully transparent startup like Buffer (except non-profit). So excited to see this in action!
@arlogilbert Awesome to see this. I believe we'll see more of these types of locally supported ride sharing initiatives in other cities, and in fact, probably a nationwide approach along the same lines.
They could've at least not ripped off Uber's UI design pixel for pixel...
Are you using a state-sanctioned background check system? If not, how are you getting around the very law that Austin citizens voted for to require more comprehensive background checks for drivers, beyond what the Majors do internally? I like the concept of this being a non-profit. Austin is a unique city, I always enjoy visiting. I'll give this a shot when I'm there next time.
@rueter Seems like they are, see the FAQ
This is something I personally hope to see more of in ride sharing and other categories. Local tech is cool too.
Why is it non-profit?
@kyle_visner because it's hard to generate community support for corporations in Austin. Just my best guess.