Capture and relive your friends' reactions effortlessly

Riddle is a photo and video messaging app designed to trigger the recipient's selfie camera while they are viewing the content you sent to capture their reaction.

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Perfect for sexting, I imagine.
@fabriziobianchi Haha... 😆 it’s perfect for many situations !
@fabriziobianchi oh no. You went there.
Hi guys - We are super excited to launch our new product, Riddle. Riddle is a fun social messaging app that captures emotions. We were inspired by the emotions that a video or even a simple picture could generate and thought the world would be a better place if we could share true moments of happiness, laughter, anger and excitement through authentic emotions and reactions as opposed to the limited frame of lifeless emojis. The concept is simple and very addictive : Every time you watch a picture or a video on the app, Riddle triggers your selfie camera and captures your reaction. Riddle allows you to capture your friends’ emotions and share their unforgettable reactions. People use it one to one, one to few or one to all, to share real moments and enjoy the immediate reward of seeing the reaction that your content generated. Please try it out and let us know what you think, we are always trying to improve Riddle to provide the best experience possible! Looking forward to hear from y’all! Thanks <3 Team Riddle
Cool - this reminds me of a solution to that video where people are answering text by writing "LMAO" "ROFL" and "LOL HAHAHAHA" but their faces are like :| behind the small screen
@orliesaurus Thanks ! Haha Exactly ;)
Haha cool idea, but... IMO most people won`t like that someone will see their face in that moment
@npopov10 Thanks ! Riddle gives you control on your reaction. You discover your reaction before sending it back. So, if you don’t like your face you can blur it. But with your best friends I guarantee you that is not a problem, it’s just really fun 😉
@npopov10 I was actually thinking the same thing, especially since many phone users tag their devices along while tending to nature calls :D
Very funny 🤣 nice app guys! 👍
@tmswr Thanks a lot ! 🤙