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Qualify new leads and research customers faster and easier with Ricochet’s Chrome extension - free for commercial teams and sales professionals.
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Hey folks - after years of hunting, it's great to be a Maker. We're building Ricochet to help sales teams with streamlining and simplifying sales prospecting and research. The future of sales is full-funnel automation, but it's a tough problem to solve. Sales engagement is becoming increasingly easy to automate - amazing platforms like Outreach are optimising these workflows - but outbound lead generation is still time-consuming and costly.   Sales teams have consistently told us about the extensions they use for people information and email addresses - but solutions for researching and qualifying businesses are expensive, and often still labour-intensive. We're starting today with our free sales tool, to help every sales professional that spends hours flicking between dozens of browser tabs. This is our MVP so we're still tweaking as we go, and it'll likely work best on UK and US sites to begin with. We've loads more data sources and features to roll out over the coming weeks, as we start to utilise deep learning and automate these processes. Any questions, please shout. Thanks!
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I have been testing an early version of this and find it really practical and allows me to better understand "who" is behind the website and accelerate our scouting process. What are your plans to extend its functionality over the next few months?
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Hi @jd - our roadmap for the next couple of months will first see us double-down on the data; so you'll see us experiment with some new data sources, such as the markets a business operates in, who their competitors are etc. We'll then try and drill down into the fundamentals - we want to make sure sales teams have as much of the right information as possible for researching and qualifying. After that, we're hoping to get into the really interesting stuff - how you can use this data to start automating research and qualification; opening Ricochet on any website and knowing immediately if the business fits your customer profile. Once we better understand the (anonymised) behaviour of users, we can then start utilising some of the deep learning models we've developed to automate lead generation and qualification.
We’ve been using the beta at @nebulalab for the past few weeks and it really has allowed us to speed up research, due diligence, and lead qualification. Companies House integration will be super handy going forward too! Great job team 🚀
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@nebulalab @djmckee Thanks Dylan, appreciate your support through the many iterations of Ricochet along the way!
I've been using this early version. I'm really looking forward to seeing more features roll out that helps me better understand my competitors.
@iamashley Thanks Ashley!
Great job guys! Is there an ideal user / role within sales teams for this iteration, or do you see applications across the entire sales team?
Hi @daz_lester - we've found during beta-testing that the tool is useful in all commercial settings: - SDRs doing outbound and needing to qualify new leads - Marketing managers doing inbound and needing to sensecheck leads before passing them onto BD - BDRs, AEs and Customer Success managers wanting a quick brush-up on what a business does before contacting them However, we're intending to focus our data efforts and the automation tools on sales development, which in turn helps us start to automate discovery and qualificaiton.