Turn your used smartphone into a smarthome device.

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Kevin William David
Community @AngelList. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Home monitoring device designed to be connected to a used Apple or Android phone. Rico combines the power of an inbuilt processor with the best features of your smartphone to create an entirely new device. The smartphone provides audio and video capabilities, along with network connectivity, and the Rico units provide additional sensors for motion detection,temperature, smoke, humidity, and carbon monoxide. Monitor your home from anywhere with the Rico app. Using your current smartphone, you can live stream video of your living room as well as receive critical alerts at the touch of a button. With Rico comes Rico smart-sockets that link Rico to the wider network of your home. Using your personal phone, you will able to control appliances from the same Rico app that you use to monitor the Rico device. This means being able to get the coffee brewing before you wake or turn off that light you forgot before you went out.
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Kallidil Kalidasan
CEO, MindHelix, Inc
Thanks everyone for the upvote! Hi Eric; Rico plugs directly into the home power grid and since the core of the device is your used smartphone, Rico also charges it from the grid. During an outage, your smartphone anyways has a battery and the device remains powered up for another day or two. Hope that answers your question. Thanks a lot!
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Eric Friedman
COO In A Box - BuildingTheMachine.com
This actually looks very cool and a great use case for an old phone. I just backed it. Does anyone know if the Rico unit plugs in directly? Seems like it must but I might have missed it in the description/specs.
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The old smart phone idea is brilliant. The idea of being able to use my old smartphones in awesome devices is way more appealing than selling it. I wonder if companies like this could make exclusive deals with phone companies to increase the value of their phone.
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