Richie Simple

A budgeting app to help you start investing

Richie Simple is a budgeting app that helps you to start investing.

It also brings budgeting to the sharing economy by comparing with the pool of your friends and other people.

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I've been watching Ermek and Rashid work on Richie Simple (and Richie Invest) for the last few months. They're super motivated to build a fantastic product and solve some big problems in this space. This is a great start!
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Hey there again! We are excited to announce that we have launched Richie Simple. In fact about 4 months ago we launched Richie Invest ( And as we progressed, we figured that one of the key issues millennials have is lack of good budgeting. This is what Richie Simple is about. It was built by real financial advisors, and while it is a simple budgeting tool it is specifically designed to help young people like us finally start investing. There are lots of budgeting tools, but Richie Simple is the first that brings budgeting to the sharing economy. Check it out! Download and get your #BudgetOn
Hey Product Hunt fam, we are really happy to announce that we are launching Richie Simple. It's a budgeting app that helps you to analyze your income, expenses in more details and based on that the algorithm tells you where you are overspending and wasting your money. The main value it brings is that it helps you to be on top of your finances. Besides, you are also able to learn where you stack up financially with your friends and many others. We here say budget first, invest next. Essentially it's a product of Richie Invest which is going to be launched a little later. We will integrate both products into one and it will become a budgeting and investing platform. We'll keep you updated on that. Sign up today!

Still a WIP, but have beta tested it for a week and super happy with it so far. It's competitive to Simple, but still really early.


Simple budgeting!


Still a work in progress

Try the product, get to know it...


It's better than just a budgeting app


I think they are still quiet new