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Preview how your website URL will appear in chat apps

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Looks pretty handy but when I tried it made me verify I'm not a robot and had to refresh... will that happen a lot? and why does that happen ?
Great hunt! This is an important tool for anyone who wants to be sure his site is viewed correctly from different chat applications. Very nice. Good luck guys!
This is a brilliant idea. Most developers don't think about the social metadata. It does more than people think. LinkedIn is the worst offender because it's so difficult to understand how they display the data and it's almost impossible to clear it. Facebook is pretty good with their explanation. Remember folks, these apps aren't just pre-fetching the usual info - they're pre-fetching metadata that you specifically tag for these sites/apps. I'm not even sure these guys explain it well enough. It's not what a "WebView" displays, it's what the "cards" and social network websites show.
it's cool. Simple but very efficient . I was missing og tags on my website and was not aware of it. Suggestion: When any og tag (say image) is missing after user search for its website, you can add some dummy image and highlight it to display its effects.
We're a group of developers, an build online tools for programmers. One issue we had was that our tool URL's were appearing in text instead of an image, while shared in chat apps like WhatsApp, Skype or Telegram. This tool reads your meta tags and generates a preview. And also gives suggestions about which meta tags to improve for a better preview image.
@r_oosterhof are you looking to add Twitter previews soon? What others are you looking to implement?
@bentossell @r_oosterhof Twitter has so many different views for a website preview (wide, vertical, stretched etc) that we decided to simplify and skip Twitter for now. But if you follow the feedback messages for each meta tag - and your preview looks good in all preview windows - it will probably will also look fine in Twitter. Also take note that it sometimes takes a couple of days for Twitter to interpret (or refresh in case of an image update) your "og:image" meta tag.
@r_oosterhof I used to run promoted tweets for a telco here in the UK so all too familiar with the different sizes... but I think for this audience that Twitter may become a highly requested feature :) it has my vote haha. It is just the place I share most I guess!
@bentossell @r_oosterhof Hi Ben, we've also added a Twitter preview as from now, in the most simplified form :) Thanks again for your feedback!