We help female-founded startups improve their pitches.

RICH P*TCH is a non-profit initiative helping female founded startups improve their investor pitches. To improve their pitches, founders need to fill out a short form, wait for 1 week to get feedback, and improve their decks according to recommendations.
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Hey there! My name is Lena Mazhuha and I want to help female founders around the globe improve their investment decks and pitching abilities. To do so, I am launching RICH P*TCH - a non-profit initiative, which will help female founded or co-founded startups get brutally honest feedback on their pitch decks or video-pitches and improve them accordingly. I have worked in Venture Capital for 2+ years and have screened ~750 startups within the last 1.5 years. Approximately 10% of them were female-founded and ~20% of them had at least one female founder. Almost all female founders asked me for honest feedback on their pitches and investment decks. So I have noticed this trend and realised that there's unsatisfied demand for honest professional feedback. Hence, I decided to found RICH P*TCH. RICH P*TCH works in the following way. First, the founder needs to fill out a short form on my Beta-version website and include the link to her deck. Then, she waits for 7 days and gets honest feedback on her deck along with recommendations on how to improve it and improves the deck. Easy! My mission here is to make female founders/co-founders more self-confident and relaxed during their pitching sessions and increase their chances of successful fundraising. And RICH P*TCH will hopefully help me do so. If you want to reach out, please drop me a line on LinkedIn ( or to my email:
This is really a great initiative. Wish I was a founder :)
@kellybelton Thank you so much!
That's amazing! Phovi is already getting fruits from FFC thanks to you, will be a pleasure to be reviewed for RICH P*TCH!
Great initiative! I hope you'll reach and help many female founders. It's great to see when someone helps other especially in such a tough and thorny path as fundraising.
Cool idea - wish you success! :)