Rich Kids

Photo sharing app where users pay $1000/mo to share

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But does the gold frame filter come in rose gold?
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@robynchaaang Sounds like a good IAP to me :D
Developers be like: Get rich or die tryin'
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I thought satire products weren't allowed on PH?
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@chopeh I sadly don't think this is satire
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Just a way for the founder to attempt to earn a lot of money from stupid people. The charity incentive is to try and mask that, but we know this app wasn't built to help poor people.
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@xstex 🐂💩
@xstex When I read the concept, I instantly thought: "what's their trick to (try) survive the hate flow" ? Well, 1/3 of easy money to charity should be enough ... At least that's what they think. As I've seen in the comment, if charity was the real aim, they would have named the charities.
@dipsy_fr 100%, this is so they can spin it. We just have to trust they'll donate it to charity apparently. Not good enough and nobody in a right state of mind would believe it without seeing some evidence.
@xstex @dipsy_fr We would LOVE to name the charities, problem is, as I mentioned in another comment, they don't want to have anything to do with Rich Kids as it would give them bad PR. That's why we have to keep it private. This is email from lady working in the charity we were interested in:
UPDATE I tried to reply to most of your comments here. It's sad that Product Hunt community thinks that this is a scam and we have nothing better to do then to create fake service to steal rich people's money and misuse charity for that. Really? We put a lot of effort to build this service because there is no such a thing on a market and we believe it can work. Okay? It may not work out, we may not be able to get enough members to cover the costs, or have users to keep coming to our app, BUT AT LEAST WE ARE GIVING IT A SHOT.
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@jurajivan Will you please name the charities?
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@jurajivan genius idea, i always respected making money out of thin air :) got a lot of subscriptions already?
@jurajivan "be visible" cannot equate "meaningful". But I'm looking forward to the radical, Buffer-like transparency of every dollar committed to your vague "oriented on children" cause you mention. I'm on board if you really go make your "meaningful" impact with this.
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@jurajivan This is not a real problem. You made up this problem.
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@jeremy_caverly I wish I could upvote your comment 20 more times!