A location based marketplace for iOS

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Shubham Datta
Shubham Datta@shubham · Working with startups @SurePathCap
Really cool concept. On the main screen of the app, I'd rather see it sorted by items people have listed than people - or at least have the ability to toggle between these two. (My 0.02) Also the app hangs when I go to change my profile picture - small bug? Overall, great design and love the name!
Aubrey Jesseau
Aubrey JesseauMaker@aubrey_pj · Product Development, Bunz
Thanks Shub! I agree that sorting by items could be cool. We just launched last week so there are going to be some bugs. We'll look into that profile bug for the next update. The name was the first thing we thought of after having the idea for a trading app. It's supposed to be a reference to the early days of trading when we used giant boats and sacks to ship grains and spices all over the place. Although some people said it made them think of an app for 'more efficient Chinese food delivery'. (As if Chinese food delivery could get any more efficient!) So I'm glad you like the name. Thanks to everyone else for checking out the app! Any questions or comments are welcome.