Ribbon BIN API

Find out how your users are paying

We built this internally for our needs, then decided to give it out to any service that needs similar functionality. The first six cards of any card tells us some interesting information on the identity of the card, such as type (debit/credit), brand (amex, visa), country (US, ES, GA), and issuer bank (chase, wells), etc. This would be of good use if you want to do things like, block international cards, charge less for debit cards, or generate more analytics about how you get paid. We're giving it away for free for most practical purposes, up to 1,000 requests a day. If you want more, just shoot us an email, hany@ribbon.co
@hany curious about a couple things: 1) does stripe already show the BIN information? 2) what inspired this? was this a customer pain that you saw that you had to solve?
@eriktorenberg 1) stripe doesn't, 2) we charge different only for credit cards and give debits away for free, so we had to build this to differentiate between the two. When it seemed like others could use it too, we decided to give it away to other partners.
Can you use this to identify prepaid cards?