Rhittm – your posts are always on time.

Rhittm analyses Instagram activity insights and suggests you when to post to get the most out of it. It also suggests the most popular hashtags to give your creativity a jump-start.

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Rhittm shows you when to post on Instagram and what hashtags to use to get more views. Rhittm  is  a fully open-source app that suggests you the best time to post on Instagram and also allows you to copy the most popular hashtags just one tap away. I was fed up using other websites and copying hashtags by hand, it's literally painful on a touchscreen. I was bored by calculating timezone offset to get the time when to post. Also, I value privacy. That's why Rhittm doesn't store anything at all - it has no backend. You don't even need to sign-in to use it. Graph at the top shows Instagram activity. It automatically syncs with your timezone, so the graph is always tuned up just for you. There are a hashtag categories. You can pick as many as you want and Rhittm will generate thirty random hashtags of that categories just for you. Tap them to copy instantly. Cat at the top always looking at you. It uses your accelerometer.
Hi Miloslav! :) Thanks for product with good interface! Today I used the App some times and all was great! But one thing - not good commas on clipboard, when I copyed a tags. I created pull request about this issue, please, check it and write me, if something is wrong. https://github.com/rhittm/rhittm...