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Rhino is the industry’s preferred alternative to security deposits.

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I get some people have trouble fronting the cash for a deposit but paying $20 / mo (for potentially several years) vs paying something $2500 upfront (although some landlords do charge exorbitant security deposits, in NYC especially) and then getting that back when you move out (plus with some minimal interest in most cases) seems like a net loss for a tenant. And it doesn't even include insurance on personal property, it just covers the security.
customer service
I have been trying to cancel this policy for months but they ignore my e-mails and anything I submit as a support ticket and then (sometimes) mark them resolved without doing anything. They have now auto-renewed (August) on a lease that ended in May. Their website describes ways of stopping auto-renewal or ending the lease, but what they describe does not exist on their website. Unless you enjoy a company stealing from you every single month for the remainder of your life do not go anywhere near Rhino Insurance