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Your next startup idea, delivered.

RFS 100 compiles great business ideas from leading investors, founders, and operators. Then we send out an email with ten a week because the best ideas shouldn't be a secret.
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Hey Hunters! 👋 We're excited to share RFS 100 today. Our mission is to share viable, investable ideas as widely as possible. In our experience as former operators and venture investors, we noticed that lots of friends and colleagues kept lists of startups they hoped would get built. While they occasionally shared them in a Medium post or tweet, by and large they remained unused. Those that were online were dispersed across the web, often unseen. RFS 100 is an attempt to change that. We collect the most interesting startup ideas from the smartest people we know. Then we spread them as widely as we can, because the best ideas should be shared. Here are a few ideas to get you going... 📚 Reinvented Goodreads 🍋 Lemonade for companies 👬🏼 Marketplace for (digital) twins 🟧 YC for VC 🙏 Zoom for evangelicals TL;DR 💌 Ten startup ideas, every Friday 🤗 A curated community for builders We're excited to hear your thoughts and if you have ideas of your own you'd like to share, we're all ears! Check out our work so far: rfs100.com
Incredible weekly read from some of the sharpest minds in the word of venture. Excited to see where the team takes this!
@adrianalfieri1 Thanks so much, Adrian! Glad to have you as a reader. Always thoughtful.
@adrianalfieri1 Thank you sir! And thanks for your continued engagement Adrian!
Hey RFS 100! Just in time for a good weekend read :) thanks for sharing! I've added some feedback for your landing page - in case it helps? Link: https://app.usebubbles.com/vFYYq... Looking forward to following your content 🔥
@christian_piponides Cool tool there! That's helpful and much appreciated. Always glad for feedback 🤗
@christian_piponides Oh wow, very kind of you to make some notes! Will check them out.
Been consuming this for a while now. Really helps define what the “zeitgeist” is and how people position it as they formulate ideas that may overlap with your own.
@shloky Thanks so much for being an early reader! I've really enjoyed getting to know you and hearing your ideas. I think that's definitely a big part of -- the market goes through cycles of finding certain models or sectors "hot". Hopefully RFS is a little bit of a heat check 🔥
Love it. So many talented people out there that need and idea, a starting point, or just affirmation that they’re not going crazy and their current idea is a good one. A future “concept marketplace”? 👍
@jonathan_hale1 Thanks Jon! Really appreciate. That's definitely the sentiment we're going for. Helping people get off the ground, and then giving them a place to discuss their ideas with a community. Thanks for being a part of it! 🤗