Handmade Wooden Sunglasses

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I like the eco-friendly approach. Plus, have a look at the picture on their website: I really like the style of this brand. I added the link on Exposure (where I found them), as a related link!
@gregoiregilbert Second on appreciating the eco-friendly approach.
Hey guys, What a pleasure to see all your support. It's great ! Rezin is a fantastic adventure for us, and it's just the beginning. Two new types of wood will be soon available on all our model + few accessories in the next few weeks. We've planned new lookbooks which will be available on the official website + on a new website via exposure called (Opening scheduled on Monday) Although it's a French brand, we do ship worlwide, don't forget it for US resident. ;) THANKS !! Cheers from all the Rezin team.
Nice designs, like these a much more than Proof styles (they are kind of clunky). Although they need to make available some prescription ones as well
Seems really similar to what Inbo is doing: