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Rezi has reinvented how job seekers make a resume. Rezi is the only company to approach creating optimized resumes against the hiring software (ATS) used by large companies. Because of this, a Rezi resume “beats the system."
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Hey guys, I’m Jacob, founder at Rezi. I’m proud to show what we’ve built for you. Rezi is a company I started in 2015 right after graduating college to help young job seekers, mostly students, make resume appropriate for large & competitive companies. The idea of Rezi came to me considering I had a 2.2 GPA but I was landing interviews at the most competitive companies like Google, Goldman Sachs, Dropbox, and more. My resume was getting me interviews I had no business receiving. So what was the secret? My resume was consistently being picked up by the applicant tracking systems that select resumes to interview. Rezi is a resume software that allows job seekers to quickly and effortlessly make a resume that is optimized to pass hiring systems. It’s really cool, you can check the product photos if you want to see how it works. My favorite features of Rezi would probably be the Rezi Score - the Rezi Score is a measure of completeness that gently guides users to create a perfect one-page resume. And the Rezi Resume Review - which allows job seekers to flag a resume for an expert review for as low as 8$. Lastly, Rezi is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, where we’ve grown to be the leading English resume company for global job seekers as well as the most awarded global startup. Here is an awesome article that explains how to make a proper resume > ✌🏻✌🏻
This product helped me alot. Thanks
@remi_lee_blanc Happy to help, Remi - make sure to update that linkedin profile too!
Is it free?
@abishekhkc Hey Abishekh, yes Rezi is totally free! You can even create a guest account if you just want to check out how it works.
@jacob_rezi Great product. From my perspective as both an entrepreneur and someone who ran a recruiting firm I would emphasize the fact that Rezi makes it easier to write a resume as opposed to the fact that it helps you game the system. Writing resumes is difficult even the smartest people. If this makes it easier and removes the psychological stress that resume writing can cause then it's worth it. While I might feel great that I'm getting a bunch of interviews, if I never get a job because I've gamed the system and my experience doesn't stand up to the scrutiny of an interview is Rezi really helping me?
@robert_zalaudek Hey thanks for the comment - I would tend to think Rezi is great at making sure qualified people aren't kept from interviews as a result of not understanding correct resume practices. I'd like to emphasis the word qualified since Rezi wouldn't benefit the unqualified job seeker more than any other resume.
@jacob_rezi Great way to position it. Best of luck with your launch.
Great product. I have been sharing this around to get it seen by more undergraduate and graduate students.