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You can check out what @mazzeo had to say about REX on Medium here The video is quite something haha!!
@rrhoover I love this. Once again, another strong performance by @lonelysandwich. I had no idea the Sniper series went beyond Sniper 2. Good looking out.
We set out to build a positive place where people could share what they love, find new things to love, and celebrate creative achievements with like-minded enthusiasts. Over the last two years, we've poured our hearts into REX. We go live today and can't wait to hear what you think!
@ashleylent This looks fantastic. A few friends have been beta users over the last year, and it was exciting to see what you've been building. Now for the inevitable: Do you have plans to make the world better for Android users such as yours truly?
@ashleylent p.s. It's darkly hilarious that your iTunes store screenshot features the recent New Yorker article on the voyeur motel peeping tom who may have caused the murder of one of his guests. It's one the very few times in my life I wanted to share a fascinating article but balked given the lurid details of the story.
@davidlerman Yes, 100%! We're working on that now.
@davidlerman Ha! It's such a fascinating and wild article though, right?!
@ashleylent 100%! So many unexpected turns. And amazing he managed to find TWO love interests that supported his voyeurism. I'd REX it... if I could :)
@ashleylent - you've been in beta for a little while. I'm curious to learn how people have been using it. What surprising or common use cases have emerged? P.S. It's slightly ironic REX is releasing the same day as Jelly's relaunch. cc @biz
@ashleylent Congrats on the release! I've been playing around with this all night, having followed it since the funding was announced. From the name, presentation, app UX - it's super well-designed and really delightful to use. My only "way-too-early" piece of constructive criticism as a user would be that it still feels a tad like Instagram, and I'm wondering if the large-square-content photo will perhaps inhibit REX's true purpose for users. I feel a gut tendency to look at the huge square content, heart it and move on, rather than interact with it to save and store it. Should content indeed be large square photos or is there a way to conserve space while also making the recommendations feel more interactive? Particularly because the picture isn't really the most important part of REX; the ability for users to feel they can tuck it away or find something they love might be overshadowed by this large piece of square content that we're conditioned to glance at and move on from. For example: today @mazzeo recommended August, a restaurant, and the picture of food (literally) takes up the whole screen. So it was confusing at first as to "what" was being recommended, and I have to scroll up and down to digest the entire post in full, as the picture takes up all the room. My brain is conditioned to believe the large square content is the main ingredient to my interaction, and it might play tricks on how I initially perceive the app and its purpose. (Instagram has done that to us unfortunately!) Of course, this is just my opinion and hopefully its all helpful; I'm sure you're working hard but just thought I'd share my first reaction! Keep up the great work.
Product execution is on point! I do believe in the core idea of focused, actionable recommendations coming directly from friends & experts, but it has been tried several times in the past and failed to gain any real traction (disclaimer: i was the original engineer behind Stamped ~4 years ago). I'd love to hear your thoughts on how you will avoid the same outcome with Rex and how Rex has improved over previous incarnations of apps like Stamped & Oink?