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Rex is a super fun product. It's discovery beyond the obvious. Some hip new edgy stuff, some old school and nostalgic.
@sacca + 100, for sure.
The App Store description made me smile: "There was a time when the hunt for a new book, new restaurant, or a solid dive bar in Paris would start with a good friend – not a random search query." Downloading now!
@rrhoover I've seen this idea tried so many times... I'm very curious how they're going to grow the network and get traction. Looks like to use the app you need an invite code. :\
@rrhoover @chrismessina What are some similar products to this? Really interested in this concept.
@rrhoover @chrismessina @tzhongg Oink & Stamped come to mind.
@chrismessina @rrhoover (former Stamped mobile dev, here). They also seem to be making a lot of the same product mistakes as Stamped and Oink. Lack of focus on single vertical that’s contextually relevant to a phone like favorite locations. Too many options to overwhelm users... etc.
@chrismessina email me at elliott [at] if you're still looking for an invite.
Oh wow, I've been waiting for something like this since the demise of Oink and Stamped. Can anyone hook me up with an invite code, please?
@ninthart Try the code: "REX"
I'd love to try it out, does anyone have an invite code?
@ovonhauske I have a couple of invites. What is your email?
@michalnaka can you send me one as well? I don't want to paste my email here, but if we are twitter buddies, we can use the awesome DM feature? (I just followed you in twitter :) )
@michalnaka it's my username at gmail, thanks!
@michalnaka marcus [at] if you have any left?
REX has great potential, and this only after brief dabbling. Curious to spend more time learning how others are curating/recommending with it since the network remains narrow back East. One ux suggestion: Have the app remember Twitter validation for future shares and other access related navigation.