Digital 💳 loyalty cards for ☕ coffee shops

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Rewardist is online loyalty cards for small businesses. Just sign up, customize your brand, choose your rewards, set up your device and start generating customer loyalty! They're flexible, easy-to-use, no required app download. You and your customers will love it!




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Ben Sampson 🔥Maker@bensampson · Full-stack dev | founder of Rewardist
👋 Hi ProductHunters! I’m 15 y/o, I made this thing called Rewardist and I’d like to share it with you. 🤔 Problem The problem is every time I visit a coffee shop or restaurant they give me one of those punch cards and invariably I’ll lose it the next day which 😠 annoys both me and the business owner. It’s also a huge hassle for businesses having to design and print out a bunch of paper cards which is 💰 expensive and not 🌎 environmentally friendly. Physical cards are also inflexible only offering a single reward which some customers might not like. Small businesses want to make more money and physical loyalty cards are not good enough. 🛠️ Solution I’ve spent a long time thinking/working about a hassle-free digital solution that’s profitable for businesses and is simple for customers and I think Rewardist is the best one out there. Getting started literally means creating an account, adding a couple rewards, installing your device (tablet/laptop) in-store, and you’re done! Customers would purchase something and then scan either QR code on your device to get a stamp, once they've come a few times they can redeem a reward! No required account creation or app download means happy customers = repeat customers = repeat sales! 🙏 Let me know what you think!
Amy Celeste Kennedy@amy_celeste_kennedy · Co owner of Driven Motors
@bensampson I just opened my second coffee shop and I disagree aboIt the owners gettIng frustrated yIu bees anIther carc we use then as remInders and advertIsIng as well so eveeytIne yIoI Ioe your wallet to get out a devIt card or Id yIu see our “bIz card.“ If yIh leave soms layIng around elsewhere we hope someone new picks it up. Will u electronic card pop up on their phone occasionally (Luke the Starbucks app does on my phone notifying me that my fav drink (white choc mocha ) will earn me something or already has earned me something. I’ll try out your app because your the age of all the kids I employee. To give them motivation and encourage that age is irrelevant to entrepreneurship. Hopefully I’m alone in my above statements and hope your e card works great for both you and I!
@amy_celeste_kennedy please correct your comment, is not readable
@bensampson Hey there, how to digital punch the card ? Edit: ok, coffee owner need to show a qr code for customer to validate. Question, what if I (customer) take a picture of QR code and just punch it several times "at home" ?
Ben Sampson 🔥Maker@bensampson · Full-stack dev | founder of Rewardist
@francoolaami The QR code is generated by the business owner's device, once a QR code is scanned once the token isn't is marked as "used" and more stamps can't be punched. Also, the page that cashiers go to to display the QR codes is passcode protected.
Alexandra Perşea@alexandrapersea · Software Engineer 👩🏻‍💻
@bensampson Congrats on your launch! The design looks great. How long have you been coding?
Logan Boyd@mastemine · Graphic Designer and Photographer
I really like this concept. You seem like you are doing some great things with this. Wish you great success in finding audiences for this application! Some added feature/suggestions that might be good selling points too: Will you be supporting an app in conjunction with this? I know some people (myself included) that wouldn't want to have to open up my browser on my phone and type in the address every time to get to the reward application, Another cool feature would be nice to see would be to have it geo-locate and have it appear on my taskbar or something along those lines to make it even more seamless. So that way I can pull my notification drawer down and have a little widget in the drawer or something that would allow me to use it straight from there.
Ben Sampson 🔥Maker@bensampson · Full-stack dev | founder of Rewardist
@mastemine Great ideas, Logan! Luckily customers don't have to type in anything, they just have to scan a QR code on the business owner's device to punch cards or get rewards. A native app is definitely a great idea so I can add geo-location notifications and QR-scanner straight into the app,
Devo@devon_devo_frohne · Senior UX Designer @ Tonal
This should also be called the "Caffeine addiction club". Im down, where do I sign? ha.