Revolut Vaults

The easiest, fastest way to save for your financial goals.

Picture the scene - you’re sat on a beach right now sipping on a pina colada with the wind blowing through your hair, or maybe you’re driving up and down the highway in your brand new Ferrari. Whatever your financial dreams may be, we want to help you get there.

Introducing Vaults 💰

Vaults are the easiest, fastest way to save for your financial goals. Whether you choose to round up every transaction, set up a recurring payment or simply make one-off contributions, you’ll be able to set up a Vault in seconds and immediately start saving.

Round up your spare change 💳

Whenever you make a transaction with your Revolut card, we’ll automatically round up your payment to the nearest whole number and place the difference into your savings Vault. Magic.

Set up a recurring payment 💸

Getting paid at the end of the month? Set up a recurring payment specifying how much and how often you’d like a payment to go directly into your savings Vault.

Make one-off payments 🤑

If you don’t want to round up your spending or set up a recurring payment, you can simply make one-off payments to your Vault whenever you feel like it.

Save in cryptocurrencies 🚀

When setting up your Vault with spare change activated, you can automatically buy cryptocurrencies with the difference. Think buying a smoothie for £1.50 and then automatically buying £0.50 worth of Bitcoin and storing it in your Vault.

We are currently only supporting legal residents in the European Economic Area and Switzerland. We're expanding our service globally and aim to launch this year in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and many other countries.

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Already set one up last night. Let's see how long it takes to get that Herman Miller chair 😅️
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Haha amazing, @pugson ! Good luck with that 💰
Okay Revolt. You are getting more and more interesting as my private bank account!
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Hi @raindropcatcher, we're glad you're happy with the products and service that we offer :)
Just set up and spread the word! Happy to give feedback on anything y'all need I'm super excited to get going!
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Thanks @mrandydavis, we're too!
Not a fan of having to go through the entire multi-page signup process, only to be told at the end that Revolut isn't available in Australia. Seems like this could have been said at the start. Love the idea of Revolut and Vaults though, super keen to try it when it finally launches!
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Hi @jamesdaly90, seems like my description got overridden. I thought I included that we haven't launched yet in Australia. Apologies for the confusion and we hope to have you as one of our first customers in Australia when we launch there later this year.