Revolut Pay-per-Day

Travel Insurance with powerful geolocation technology πŸš€

The idea of a new travel insurance product is not typically something that will have people jumping out of their seat, but Revolut is about to change the game. Dropping today, we’ve launched our new Pay-per-Day Travel Insurance feature with powerful geolocation technology! πŸš€

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Alexandre Mouriec
Full Stack Developer
Revolut is adding more and more useful features so if you are not in Revolut, you should definitely join πŸ™Œ If you are travelling a lot, you should use this feature and also the smartphone insurance which is also really cheap πŸ‘
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Val Scholz
CEO @kikohomes

I've used it while I was skiing in Austria. I've received a push notification once I entered the airport in London, and got sports coverage for a full week. When I got home, the insurance product is automatically cancelled.


Easy to use, innovative product



Cameron Roe
Growth Consultant, Entrepreneur
Very useful! I recently got to Germany and I need travel insurance to get a work visa. Is that something that can work here? I really like the way you can travel anywhere and still maintain coverage. Really excited about this!